dog kidney disease

dog kidney disease

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Frontline plus Q: I have a small adult cat that has fleas. i recently purchased an over the counter hartz flea treatment that you apply to the skin once a month a week ago to treat the fleas; however, the cat still has fleas. i have purchased frontline plus flea treatment from your web site and would like to give her this treatment tonight. can i give her this treatment after giving her the hartz once a month flea treatment only a week ago? also, will the frontline plus take care of all the fleas?
A: Bathe her thoroughly and apply next week.
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Cushings disease Q: My 8 yr old cocker has enlarged lymph nodes, the vet has run blood work nothing shows, at one pt she was considering surgery to remove a large lymph nodes in her neck. but we has discovered with low dose steroids and antibiotics the lymph nodes go down, she now has my dog on this med daily, she takes and antibiotic twice a day along with 1/2 steroid tab twice a day and the lymph nodes remain down, but as soon as the meds are stopped the swell again, she tells me that long term steroid treatment can result in cushing disease, but this can be treated, any information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated. thank you
A: I strongly recommend a lymph node aspirate and better yet a biopsy to definitively diagnose condition for best treatment

Frontline vs k9 advantage Q: I have been looking at all the flea spot treatments and am a little overwhelmed. it seems like frontline plus and k9 advantage are both really good, but don''t know which would be best for my dogs. i have a 79 lbs rotty and an 55 lbs mix and i live in pa where the fleas are getting bad, but haven''t seen too many ticks, as of yet. which would you recommend. thank you!
A: The frontline plus should be effective for your needs.
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Optimmune Q: I cuurently use this expensive medicine for my shih tzu''s eyes. in doing some research on your sight i was wondering about some cheaper alternatives to this medicine. i have found a product called eye clear and terramycin. can either or both of these be used instead of optimmune with the same results? or could i at least alternate medicines to save money with the same results as optimmune?
A: Optimmune (cylcosporine) is used in the treatment of "dry eyes". terramycin is not an alternate. liquitears (sku 1620) may be helpful. however, you need to apply the drops frequently during the day.

Appropriate ketoconazole dosage Q: Dear dr. dym, i have a 14 month old labrador retriever that has re-occuring ear infections. he weighs 93.6#. usually the vet prescribes mal-tic ointment. this last time the vet prescribed ketoconazole, 400 mg bid. my dog became anorexic after 4 days of treatment, so the vet decreased the amount to 200 mg bid. his appetite returned with this dosage, he is now taking 300 mg bid. he is eating, but not with his usual voracious appetite. i have no information on this medication. can you give me some guidelines for dosage recommendations and adverse effects to watch for? thank you, jane
A: The usual dose for this medication can vary from 2.2 to 13mg per lb given once or twice a day, based on the type and severity of the infection. the side effects of ketoconazole may include vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite, drowsiness, itch and rash. giving tablets with food may reduce some of these side effects. this medication may cause liver toxicity or blood disorders, therefore, periodic examination by the veterinarian is important.

Fleas on my brittany Q: Hello, i had just sent you a e mail re: incidence of fleas on my 13 yr. old female brittany on jun 19. i couldnt reapply frontline plus until june 20, she had an application may 20. i was shocked to see them as she hasnt had fleas since she was about 4 yrs old running outside. she has liver cancer and is doing fairly well. they are localized on her head and neck. we bathed her 4 days later w. a d limonene shampoo, citrus and sebolex, the problem is i cannot fog bomb the house, 3 people here have asthma and i will not use those products in the house. is there anything natural i can use in the house or yard/ how long will they be around in the house and on her/i have been washing all bedding, vacuuming every day. it is frustrating as i thought frontline was to prevent fleas as well, is there anything that prevents them as well>? i use a lot of natural products w. her, shes never had chemotherapy. is there anything i can add to her food to help repel them or a product on her to prevent them that wont compromise her health??sincerely, pam juul. please help!!! we have a cat too, and she looks ok and has had a frontline treatment as well. shes an indoor cat.
A: I would recommend fleabusters which is natural product for house that works for over year. florida based company can likely be found on internet. can also try some brewers yeast and garlic added to food. see book dr pitcairns guide to natural health for dogs and cats by richard pitcairn, dvm for specific and excellent natural alternatives
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dog kidney disease explanationTerms used in this page:
  1. dog, domestic dog, Canis familiaris - a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night"
  2. kidney - either of two bean-shaped excretory organs that filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete them and water in urine; urine passes out of the kidney through ureters to the bladder
  3. disease - an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning
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